image Cyndi McKnight
Artist, Muralist, Face and Body Painter, Airbrush and Fine Art
Welcome to my web site. My name is Cyndi McKnight and I am a working artist. I have been called a fine artist, and illustrator, muralist and teacher. I create murals, custom air brush, face painting, body painting, fine art and illustration. I like to call myself a working artist because my work is being an artist, whether it is a fine artist or face painting or a mural artist, believe you me, I work at it.

Born in Arizona, raised in Colorado and California, I finally settled near Raleigh in North Carolina. Raleigh is such a beautiful area. In fact North Carolina all around is some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen. Raleigh offers a perfect balance of people and landscape I have plenty to choose from for my fine art and wall murals. If you are looking for someplace to visit this artist would like to invite you to North Carolina.

Here is where I tell you about the prestigious college I attended at a very young age, the world records that I have broken, and the famous royalty that invite me to tea. But, I didn't, I haven't and I don't.

Nope, I am a self taught, self promoted, hard working fine artist that loves what I do. In fact, I have had a long standing love affair with paint. I have a saying 'if it doesn't move fast enough I'll probably put paint on it'. I have painted on walls, floors, rocks, trees, helmets, jet skis, leather, clothes, motorcycles, ceilings, paper, people, and the occasional canvas or two.

image Fine Art Creative Freedom
In my fine art I like working to create oil paintings, acrylic paintings, ink and pastel paintings. Fine art is my freedom. Fine art is expression. I paint freely when working on my oil paintings or my acrylic paintings. Structure, balance and color theory seem to flow when I listen to my fine art muse. Being a fine artist can be a challenging job but so long as my fine art muse has a voice I will continue to listen.

image Airbrush Art Individuality
Do you want your motorcycle, go cart, jet ski helmet or wall to stand out and get noticed? As an air brush artist or air brush muralist I have just one more tool in my arsenal to help me paint for you. I use an air brush for custom air brush creations on vehicles and people. Come to think of it I use the air brush to paint custom air brush on walls, clothes and in my illustrations too. The air brush is one of my most versatile tools. With the air brush I can create effects that would be very challenging with a paint brush. I have even used the air brush in creating backgrounds on canvas in my fine art. Custom air brush art is designed with you, for you, much like a custom mural. Maybe custom air brush is just what you need.

image Murals Theme rooms made easy.
Why paint white when you could live in a dream. Is your living room your oasis or is your bath a roman retreat? Does your little one aspire to be a rock star or do dragons come to visit? Maybe the princess needs ribbon and gold or the lost boy loves bumble bees. Whatever the room, themes are easy when the walls are painted to match.

maybe you own a business and want to turn the plain wall into something spectacular. Why have boring walls when your company is not. Let your walls reflect who you are!

image Face and Body Painting Who do you want to be today?
FABA, face and body art, is so much fun. I started face painting because I wanted to be the cool mom. And I was, for about the first 6 months. I had to practice my face painting on someone. I would get out my face painting supplies and the kids would scatter. But face painting has opened up the most enjoyable part of my job. Face Painting has allowed me to paint color on people too. Face Painting takes skill and consideration. That is why I am always trying to find or develop easy unique and beautiful face painting designs. The easier the face painting designs the more faces I can paint in an hour. Face painting is for the adult too. Face and body painting make quite a statement. Face painting is great for promoting the new business. Face painting is perfect for the company picnic. Face painting is tradition at festivals. And face painting is becoming excitedly anticipated at birthdays. I will even be offering face painting instruction right here on my web site. Please check out the Face and Body Paint Galleries at " Cyndi's Faces Web Site". Who do you want to be today?

I just never know what I will be asked to do next. This week I may be painting the side of an RV while next I may be painting hay bales. Please join me on my blog "A Day With Artist Cyndi McKnight" and follow along with a working artist.