ABOUT THE ARTIST I love to paint. I mean I really love to paint! I have a motto, if it doesn't move fast enough I'll probably put paint on it!
image My name is Cyndi McKnight and I confess that I am a compulsive and passionate artist.

image I have been coloring, drawing, and painting since I was crawling, and for a long time, crayons were my medium of choice and walls were my favorite "canvas". (My poor mother was my first art critic!!) Since then, oils painting and acrylic painting on canvas have replaced crayons, but I still love to work on walls.

image I am also happily married with two lovely girls. We live a few miles from Raleigh, North Carolina, almost a stone's throw from beautiful Lake Royale.

image I am self-taught and have been greatly influenced by the works of Matisse and his paper, Van Gogh and his moods, Olivia and her girls and by the wisdom of Shel Silverstein, the sounds BB King and the sexy of todays Pop. The beauty, emotions and energy that these artists have given to the world have driven me in so many ways.

Picture by Shel Silverstein, Falling Up

I would have to say the part of my job that is the most fun is face painting. When I started face painting I thought this is all I ever want to do. But face painting wasn't quite enough. So I started painting bodies. Then I thought face painting and body painting is all I ever want to do. But that too was not enough. So I go back to being a fine artist and air brush artist and a mural artist and a face and body artist. I guess I can't help it I just love to paint!